We seek a Software Engineer (Nix) to build novel software technology in the world of blockchains - decentralized computing systems that put people back in control of their digital lives.

About Us

Mina Foundation is a public benefit corporation serving the Mina Protocol, the world's lightest blockchain. Mina Protocol's native cryptocurrency, MINA, is the first with a small constant-size blockchain. The Foundation supports participants, strategically allocates resources, ensures network health and security, promotes adoption, and champions MINA in the wider world. Mina solves 3 of the most difficult challenges in the blockchain space: privacy, scalability, and decentralization.

Join the team realizing this vision.


As a Software Engineer (Nix), you will:

  • Assist with the development of software (in OCaml, Rust, PureScript, Bash, Python, or JavaScript, as needed)
  • Implement and maintain software build systems using Nix and other software tools
  • Augment and improve continuous integration (CI) pipelines
  • Assist with the automation of cloud deployments using infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools (examples: Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Advise on software release processes and improvements to software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Collaborate with Product, Cryptography, and other teams in the ecosystem to design, develop, build, and release changes to the Mina Protocol, new related products, and developer tools
  • Connect with ecosystem participants (examples: software engineers, Mina node operators) to address their needs and incorporate their feedback into Mina


You have:

  • Expertise with Nix, its concepts, its programming language
  • Expertise with build systems
  • Demonstrated ability to configure CI pipelines using GitHub, GitLab, or similar
  • Familiarity with cloud provider software like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure
  • Proven ability to develop software using modern techniques
  • Some technical understanding of blockchain or distributed systems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Familiarity with software development concepts such as APIs, GraphQL, DevOps, Git

Mina Foundation

Mina Foundation stewards the Mina Protocol - the world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Our team is fully remote and globally distributed. Mina Foundation is overseen by a team of industry-leading experts.


We work on technologies with the potential to reimagine social structures. It is important to incorporate diverse perspectives from conception through realization. This is your chance to join a small, collaborative team and to work on fascinating cross-disciplinary problems that span cryptography, engineering, product design, economics, and sociology.

We offer competitive compensation both in salary and equity as well as top-of-the-market benefits.